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Open Calls

Takeover Tuesdays

For Takeover Tuesdays, RIPG opens its Instagram account to a member for 24 hours, so they can promote their work via stories and posts. We want to amplify voices often silenced, and broaden the viewer’s understanding of printmaking and printmakers. If you're interested, you can fill out our rolling applications through this form.

Meet Our Members

We started our Meet the Members program to showcase our members, all of whom help strengthen and grow RIPG. Every other Friday, we highlight member profiles on our Instagram account. To be featured in Meet Our Members, you can fill out our form here.


Studio Tours

Show us where you work! Share a tour of your workspace or studio, whether it's your kitchen table, studio or communal space. Send us a short video of you showing us around your workplace, and we'll feature it on our Youtube and Instagram accounts.


Printmaking Hacks

How can we make printmaking more accessible? What are some ways in which you've made your process easier on your body, simpler in process, nontoxic or more affordable? DM us on Instagram so we can share these with our community.

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