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The Radical Intersectional Printmaker’s Guild is a volunteer-led, non-profit organization designed to center the voices of marginalized printmakers and print-based artists. Collectively, we cultivate an inclusive and open space where knowledge, experiences and information relevant to our membership can be shared. Our aim is to provide this form of aid in an accessible, transparent, and equitable way that encourages innovative strategies expanding the field of printmaking, print-media, and print-based activity. We are a  community for

anyone involved in print at any level with the intent to focus support regionally and nationally. RIPG is governed by responsive policies designed by and for our members, embracing traditional and transformative approaches to the art. We provide a network of funding, exhibitions, print exchanges, a growing print archive, newsletters, open-access resources, discursive and healing processes, and opportunities for a mutually built future. We support the interests of the communities we represent with the understanding that transformation and inclusivity form the center of innovation. Our goal is to listen, support, and lead the way for change in the evolving field of print.


We are a volunteer-run organization that creates opportunities for historically under-represented people involved in print at all levels, including Takeover Tuesdays, Meet our Members features, and art exhibits and exchanges. We build community through virtual events like Open Studios, virtual networks like our Discord, and through transparent governance. We are currently focused on achieving Incorporation, an expensive but necessary step to take to allow us to fund more opportunities and community-centered activities. 

Once we achieve incorporation, we hope to expand opportunities, community events and support for historically under-represented people in printmaking. These future opportunities may include: 

  • Professional Practice Workshops & Discussions

  • Skills-based demonstrations that are both directly and indirectly related to printmaking

  • Mentorship Opportunities

  • Live Critiques

  • Live Closed Captions

  • Additional Membership Benefits

  • Exhibit and Exchange Opportunities

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